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STYLIST CLARE BYRNE IS SEEKING A FASHION INTERN IN NEW YORK! Well known stylist Clare Byrne is looking for fashion interns that are motivated, proactive and are interested in gaining a hands on experience in their Manhattan based office, who contributes to numerous publications such as W magazine, V man, Teen Vogue, Vogue China, Dazed and Another magazine.  Experience will extend beyond magazine editorial to include advertising clients such as Lacoste, Chanel, Barneys, Helmut Lang, AREA (show styling and consulting), Kenzo and others."As we are a small and busy team - interns can expect to gain a number of skills and take on a number of responsibilities, acquiring on-set experience on photoshoots for both magazines and advertising campaigns." Clare Byrne Office says.General responsibilities include sample...

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The Seven Bill Cunningham's Photo That Reshaped Fashion

There's no doubt that Bill Cunningham is an fashion icon, and getting photographed by him is most fashion enthusiasts' dream.  Although we lost him on June 25, 2016, his legacy is one that the world will never forget.   Bill Cunningham, completely not driven by fame, documented fashion and captured those influences fashion in the most authentic way - the street style of New York that would probably remain unveiled without him.   Here are seven most iconic photographs from him: Photo credit: Bill Cunningham. Image courtesy New-York Historical Society. Editta Sherman on the Subway Photo credit: Bill Cunningham. Image courtesy New-York Historical Society. St. Paul’s Chapel, New York City Photo credit: Bill Cunningham. Image courtesy New-York Historical Society. Federal Hall, New York City Photo credit:...

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Legendary photographer Bill Cunningham's photography were no where to be found in the New York Times past Sunday, first time in years! Bill Cunningham, age 87, has suffered a stroke and currently still recovering in the hospital. A spokeswoman from New York Times told Page Six, "Bill's family and senior editors from New York Times has been visiting regularly and in regular contact with Bill." Bill is an important edition of the fashion scene in New York. We hope he get well soon.  

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